Septic Pumping

Dirty Treasures Sewer & Septic is licensed and insured, which means our work, and our word, is guaranteed.

Sewer and septic

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A backed-up septic tank can demoralize even the most stalwart homeowner. Not only does a septic failure cripple your home and smell terrible, but it will also put a dent in your budget. You need reliable professionals to come in and clean up the mess quickly and correctly the first time.

With the tools and expertise to perform a septic tank pumping at any time of day or night, the pros at Dirty Treasures Sewer & Septic have what it takes to make your septic problem (and any other related concerns)disappear. Dirty Treasures Sewer & Septic is the one you’re looking for when you’re looking for septic pumping you can trust.

Havingand maintaining a working sewer system, whether you’re connected to the municipal line or not, is tough sometimes. You may feel especially vulnerable when it doesn’t work as it should. The team at Dirty Treasures Sewer & Septic understands your situation and provides prompt, efficient emergency service as well as regular septic pumping so you can rest easy.

Dirty Treasures Sewer & Septic will identify the problem and do the dirty work necessary to get your household going! You need a septic pumping? No problem! You need someone to check and clear the lines to and from your tank? Done! You need to remove your septic tank (or the lines connected to it)? Already done! And, with being fully insured and bonded, you know the work you receive is guaranteed and subject to oversight.

Dirty Treasures Sewer & Septic works hard at living up to the reputation of quality and integrity it has established in the Missoula area. You don’t have to worry yourself about the hassle of do-it-yourself as long as you get yourself over to Dirty Treasures Sewer & Septic. The solution to your septic system woes is only a phone call away!